Frequently Ask Questions

Cubicsofts is an integrated full-service digital marketing agency based in the USA. Our services include logo design, web design/development, content marketing, and digital strategy. In short, we offer a complete branding solution for businesses of all sizes while keeping your requirements in mind. Besides, we have designed flexible packages for our clients that fulfill their marketing needs and are also pocket-friendly. Being the experts in digital marketing services, we ensure to provide the best results – exceeding expectations.

From the past few years, digital marketing has become increasingly significant for the business of all sizes. Reason being, the internet has enabled companies to interact in real-time with customers and partners. Not just this, digital marketing services relatively have more impact and are less expensive than traditional marketing. You can easily track the result of your digital marketing services while targeting potential customers. One of the most significant advantages of digital marketing is that with just a click, you can make the changes – whenever you want to.

Having a website means you have an online presence that builds credibility among the target audience. Usually, people nowadays shop online, so you need a website – it will not increase the sales volume but will also increase the market share. Apart from all this, the management of the inventory, orders, and processes becomes hassle-free. Not to mention, the businesses without a website do not survive in the long run. Besides, websites are effective marketing tools that are not only cost-effective but help in reaching loyal customers.

We believe the website is your brand's first impression that makes or breaks your image in the market. Keeping that in mind, we provide bespoke, unique, and exceptional web design and development services – tailored to your needs. Not just this, we ensure to offer solutions that give you a competitive edge while making your brand look different in the market. For each website we create, we build it from the ground base considering all your requirements. Before we take on a project, we clearly understand your aims and goals associated with the website. From UI/UX design to content, coding to CMS – we make the entire process as seamless as possible.

With the help of digital marketing, businesses create brand awareness among the target market, share relevant information about their offerings, interact with potential customers, and monitor online reputation. On the other hand, digital advertising assists businesses in advertising and promoting products, attracting customers, and offering special discounts. Simply put, digital marketing establishes target customers, while digital advertising converts target customers to sales.

Content marketing involves creating and publishing online marketing materials – educating customers about the product and service while creating awareness among the target audience. Simply put, it is an effort that ultimately boosts brand recognition and sales. But, bear in mind, online material does not always directly relate to specific products and services; the content usually educates potential customers about product needs.

As far as the quality is concerned, high-quality content attracts the right audience while persuading them to take the desired action. A website alone cannot build credibility; valuable content on the website keeps the customers coming back. Besides, as a general rule of thumb, website owners should be publishing new blogs at least twice a month – blogs are vital to keeping your website updated with the relevant and fresh information that search engines prefer.

UX and UI are two independent terms – in which UX refers to user experience, and UI refers to the user interface. Moreover, UI deals with the interaction between the user and the systems, applications, and software. Whereas UX deals more generally with a user's overall experience with a brand, product, or service.

We provide our customers with management service after the completion of the project. But that entirely depends on the package you are opting for. Our team is more than happy to continue maintenance on the website after the launch. Besides, we also recommend appropriate customer management systems that can easily be updated internally.

No, there are no hidden cost with Cubicsofts. We offer hassle-free customer-centric services that do not bother you in any manner. Moreover, we provide services within the decided package. However, you will need to cover any biddable media spend such as Google Ads, Microsoft Ads, and Facebook Ads. This is billed separately from our management fee..